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China violated Indian airspace

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Recently, it came to attention that China violated Indian airspace in March, with aircraft crossing the militarized border zone.

The border issue, still unresolved as of 1962, is a frequent source of tension and disruptions such as these cause escalations in hostility. Additionally, Chinese buildup on the border is becoming an increasing concern for India.

RIC, Trilateral Meeting

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Earlier in April the leaders of Russia, India, and China met in Moscow to rehash the BRICs meeting that was held not to long before. The three countries have now done this seven times, which is a good indicator of attempting cooperation as three of the largest rising powers in the world today. The key topics they hit were disaster relief, agriculture, and public health and safety. The contuance of these meetings will help ensure a firm relationship between the three developing nations.

Too Much Government To Government Contract, Need A More Interconnected Private Sector

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

It is the desire of the two governments to increase trade, and one of the biggest current issues is that the trade between the two countries relies too heavily on government to government trade. The need for a growing trade in the private sector is integral for the increased success of the two countries. It is in both of their best interests to pursue this, and the two governments have recognized this need and will begin furthering talks and making this happen. Until then, trade will not rise at the speed that it needs. This will be a greatly missed opportunity for Russia especially if this occurs. The market growth in India is massive and it is imperative for Russia to jump on the opportunity that is presenting itself.