India Should Take Lead When it Comes to Making Peace With its Neighbors

Recently Pervez Musharraf (former Pakistan president) spoke of the changes that should be made in order to improve relations between India and Pakistan. He offered a few suggestions that would encourage and even speed up the socio-economic development of both states, only if both countries were to develop stronger ties. First, he suggested that resolving land disputes in Sir Creek and the Siachen glacier could pave the way for a solution to the Kashmir problem. He emphasizes that India has a bigger role to play in improving their relationship with not only Pakistan, but it’s surrounding neighbors.  He states that India should take the first step to resolving the issues that both countries face. As he puts it, India is the bigger country and it is imperative that it takes charge of creating peace among its surrounding countries. India should not have to be the “adult” only because it is the bigger country. Yes, India and Pakistan should attempt to fix these issues, but as we have seen if both countries do not work equally together they will be unable to come to a solution. In 2004 when president Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee sought to fix disputes through the peace process both countries failed at coming up with solutions to these land issues, and thus these issues are still an ongoing dispute between both countries. It is imperative that both countries come to a practical solution that will help rid of these ongoing disputes. It is not as Musharraf suggests India’s role to take lead because they are the bigger country, this is an issue that should be addressed equally by both parties.

A Stein


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