A Probable BJP Victory in Coming Elections

According to a recent Times article, the BJP are expected to win a very small majority of legislative seats in the coming elections. Polls currently show the party winning 275 seats exceeding the number of 272 for a majority. It is interesting to see the dynamics of this years election play out due to the style of voting. It seems as if it is not individual incumbents that gain the advantage but only incumbents from the BJP.

The people of India are seemingly demanding an entire change in how they have been governed since 2004. The main reason the public sees the need for change is the slow of growth. GDP has not been the same as it has been in past years sliding to lower than 5%. While the election is far from over, it seems that the people think the BJP can bring India back to its rapid rate of growth.

The elections are shaping up to be extremely intense and extremely tight.There are many variables that may play a part up until the May 16th result date. I am exciting to see how things will pan out in one of the most rapidly growing powers in the world.


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