Lack of Afforable Housing in BRIC Nations

A recent article from The Times of India addresses how BRIC nations have not been able to supply enough affordable housing for their growing population. Specifically India and Brazil are experiencing a growth in urbanization where families are migrating into cities from rural areas. According to the Global Affordable Housing Report “rising income inequalities and a tendency for housing costs to rise faster than incomes have posed major difficulties for younger and poorer households in finding adequate homes.” As mentioned in a recent article from the BBC, police in Brazil evicted 5,000 people from a squatter community in Rio de Janeiro. These squatter communities are common in Latin America because of its high rate of poverty and lack of affordable housing. The report suggested that housing policies should focus at the local level rather than at the broad, national level. Problems and conditions are different in every city and the best way to approach the issue of affordable housing is to analyze it using a smaller lens. There are many local, regional issues that contribute to inequality, and while the lack of affordable housing is a national problem, developing the most effective policies should be made at the local level where specific problems can be more easily addressed.

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    This seems to be a common trend across the globe. I would argue that the average living conditions of a country is a pretty good indicator of the power and wealth of the country. This World Bank ( explains that India, though growing quickly, still has about 20% of its population hovering around the poverty line. As we see in the US, there are very frequently slums and very low income housing in the city. Though there are more jobs there, they do not pay enough to bring the living conditions up around them. Slums in India look more like what we would imagine to be very large homeless camps. The Huffington Post explained that 15% of households in New Delhi are in the slums. Before India can claim a title of world power, it will need to focus on its domestic poverty.

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